May 9, 2012

Stirring in our Hearts

Over the past year, i have felt a stirring in my heart to foster a child.  My husband grew up in a home with foster kids and didn't feel the same nudge that i did.  I went into a season of prayer and figured if it was God's will then He will change his heart.

Our church has decided to adopt an unreached people group in Africa and both  my husband and I felt led to go on a missions trip there.  We sat in our a missions conference and listened to an entire family share their experience in Africa.  We went into a season of prayer.

Through a series of events, we came across a lovely couple who is adopting two HIV positive children in Ethiopia and they casually mentioned an adoption link in Africa.

Today my husband shared that he feels that we are meant to adopt a child in Africa.  Of course, this is taking a huge leap of faith, but i also know that my God is a God of miracles and impossibles.  So we are at the beginning of our adoption journey. 

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