May 31, 2012


We completed all of the required paperwork and sent off the copies of our birth certificates, etc this morning. Now we have to work on the passports. That is the mission for the week.

May 30, 2012

Homestudy Application

Micah and i just went up to the bank to have all of our documents notarized. I can't believe the incredible amount of paperwork in this process. We also sent off the $4500 payment to the agency. YIKES!! YIKES!! YIKES! I keep praying that God will make our path straight. Some days i wish i had a blueprint to my life. I know that i have the bible, but there are alot of grey areas of Christianity. I'm a lightning bolt kind of girl.
I also sent off the first homestudy application with our $250 check. So far into this process--$5500. Trust in the Lord....

May 28, 2012

Let the classes begin!

We started the first round of classes tonight. How to Heal the Attachment-Challenged, Angry & Defiant Child. It opened my eyes to how we don't respond to stress we react to stress. How the body reacts to stress and its impact on the attachment challenged child.

I must admit that the initial paperwork is a tad bit overwhelming. Anyone can have a baby here--no questions asked. You do not need to sign up for a parenting class on how to parent. However, if you want to adopt you must attend parenting class. You must pay thousands of dollars to provide a loving home to an unwanted child. You must have your home inspected and your must go through a home study to ensure you can actually parent that child. Ironically, none of this happens if you have a baby naturally.

So at the moment, we are knee high in paperwork!

May 23, 2012

The Check has cleared

I just checked the bank statement and i see that our $300 check cleared.  The beginning to our journey.  I also scanned the endless documents the agency needed and now i wait.  I wait to see what is requested for the next round of paperwork.  It reminds me of my Army days.  Hurry up and Wait!

May 21, 2012

We signed!

It feels like the weight of the world has been lifted off of our shoulders.  My husband and I are in complete agreement over the Agency that we signed with.  We had it narrowed down to Lifeline, Adoption Advocates, Generations and FHSA.  After lots and lots of prayer we both are in agreement.  Praise God.  I can't wait to see the child God already has picked out for our family.

May 19, 2012

God am i hearing you right???

My heart is heavy.  Not the kind of sobbing cause something is wrong heavy, but the kind of heavy when you run into a gray area of Christianity.  I have been praying to foster/adopt/soften Micah's heart for what seems like forever.  Oh my goodness, how God answers prayers!!  I just don't know why i'm doubting.  I keep reading all of these negative posts about how unstable Africa is.  How we need to do this or do that for an ethical adoption.  How much corruption there is.  My head is spinning!  It's way past my bedtime but my mind can't shut off.  I know God is not a God of chaos or confustion.  God stirred my heart and i prayed.  God answered my prayer, but yet i'm questioning His will on something that i read on the internet.  REALLY???  God rewards obedience.

I am saying YES to God, but He needs to move some mountains!!  He needs to make my path straight.  It says in Proverbs 3: 5-6, Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths STRAIGHT.  I don't care if we go with the wrong agency.  I don't care if we make a mistake along the way.  I believe with all my heart this is God's will.  I believe in His promise that He will make my path straight.  For goodness sakes, God parted the Red Sea, surely he can cut through some red tape.  

May 17, 2012

Million dollar question

How on earth are we going to afford it???

That is the burning question on my mind today.  Adoption is EXPENSIVE.  We are talking in the upwards of over $22,000.  We do not have that kind of money just laying around.  I have to trust God.  Micah and I are simply are telling God YES.  I know God can move mountains.  

May 15, 2012

Adoption Agency

We are on the hunt for the adoption agency that God has picked out for us.  By no means is this an easy decision.  I have been thrown into this new world with all of these new words. 

I didn't even realize there was an issue with ethical adoptions.  There is ALOT of corruption in the adoption world.  I don't want to take a child from their parents on the sole reason of poverty.  How my heart aches when i read about this happening. 

I am so blessed.  Blessed because for some reason the Lord decided i should be an American.  Being an American alone guarantees that i'm wealthier than 92% of the world.  How sad...

I have met some wonderful people already on this short journey.  I do believe we have an agency picked out.  We have narrowed it down to 4, but i have a favorite.  :)

May 12, 2012


That is what we are saying to God.  For a long time, i have felt that God has called me to adopt/foster.  I've been praying for God to change Micah's heart for over a year.  He was completely against it as his parents were foster parents. 

Let me tell you that God is still a God of miracles and Micah is completely open to adoption.  Not just to local adoption but to international adoption.  I have absolutely no idea how we will pay for this.  I have no idea where God wants us to adopt, but i do know that we are telling God YES...A BIG YES!!

May 11, 2012

My dear sweet Brayden,

Today you woke up with a swollen red face.  I'm sorry sweet child but you have a form of shingles.  You are to stay out of the sun, but as i type this you  are swimming in the pool with your sister.  Boys will be boys.  Love you little man.

May 10, 2012

The Detox Miracle Sourcebook

A dear friend at bible study gave me the Detox Miracle Sourcebook by Robert Morse to read.  Oh my goodness!!!  It has opened my eyes to a whole new world!  I have since started to "eat raw" for breakfast and lunch.  I admit that i'm hungry an hour after i eat, but i no longer have that sluggish feeling midafternoon.  Granted, i'm still drinking 44 oz of diet coke before 3pm, but i do think there is something to this eating raw/vegan lifestyle.  

May 9, 2012

Stirring in our Hearts

Over the past year, i have felt a stirring in my heart to foster a child.  My husband grew up in a home with foster kids and didn't feel the same nudge that i did.  I went into a season of prayer and figured if it was God's will then He will change his heart.

Our church has decided to adopt an unreached people group in Africa and both  my husband and I felt led to go on a missions trip there.  We sat in our a missions conference and listened to an entire family share their experience in Africa.  We went into a season of prayer.

Through a series of events, we came across a lovely couple who is adopting two HIV positive children in Ethiopia and they casually mentioned an adoption link in Africa.

Today my husband shared that he feels that we are meant to adopt a child in Africa.  Of course, this is taking a huge leap of faith, but i also know that my God is a God of miracles and impossibles.  So we are at the beginning of our adoption journey. 

May 8, 2012

My precious Kaila

Dear Kaila,

Today is the last day of you being 6.  How the time flies.  You are so much like your Auntie.  Witty without a care in the world.  Not worried about what anyone thinks.  You have been asking lots of questions about Jesus knocking on your heart yet you don't understand the concept of salvation.  He is working in your life my precious child.  Keep loving Jesus. 



May 7, 2012

Dear Alexis

How incredibly proud i am of you today.  You placed 3rd at the Regional Science Fair.  You creativity inspires me.  You are so not like your momma in that area. 

My quiet reserved child.  How i love your spirit.  I told you i wanted you to join bible drills but you didn't have to drill.  I just wanted you to memorize the words of Jesus in your heart.  You surprised me when you told me you wanted to drill.  Not only did you make it through church drills, but you went on to the associational drills.  I was astonished to see you make it to States.  See, you really can do all things through Christ.  Keep loving Jesus Alexis.  It's what it's all about.