Jul 30, 2015

DeCluttering my soul...

Get Stuff. Buy Stuff.  Buy More stuff. 


Answer emails.  Answer more emails.  10 minutes turn into an hour.


Check Facebook.  Check Instagram.  Get nothing done.

My soul has become cluttered.  

My goal for the next month is to live more intentional.  To escape the things that really do not matter.

I do not want the clutter in my life to steal my joy.

"In quietness and rest shall be your strength."  Isaiah 30:15

I need quiet.  

I need rest.  

I need to sit and be still. 

I need to focus on decluttering my soul.  

1.  I am stepping away from Facebook for a short season.

2.  I am going to be intentional with my prayer life.  Actively taking timeouts to simply be still and talk to Jesus.

3.  I am going to go through my home and purge. Because purging souls my soul.

I have 3 weeks until my kids go back to school and during this time i am going to try to be still and be real with myself because at the moment, my soul is simply cluttered.

Happy Decluttering!