Oct 3, 2008

Girls room redo

When we initially purchased this house we had planned to stay for 2 years, sell and flip. We had Alexis and she was 1 at the time. Fast forward 4 years the market has plummetted and we now have 3 children.

Our newest addition Brayden is now 1 and finally after 2 girls we have our baby boy.

So now i have to bunk the girls. I had 2 beds in there before, but i lacked dresser space.

The girls, now age 6 & 3 are into pinks/purple anything. I'm not crazy about the wall color choice, but they love it. Their room has limited natural light in the afternoon and it gets dark in there. I'm limited to where i can place the bunkbeds because of the fan. The beds block the window.