Feb 6, 2009

It came today...

I received the package today from My Father's World. I ordered the deluxe package of Aventures in my Father's World with the Singapore Math, Primary Language Lessons and Spelling by Sound and Structure.

I must admit that i am quite impressed. I can hardly wait to jump into this. However, we will not be starting until the summer time.

I am so nervous about the logistics of the household and how i'm going to get everything done. This may sound shallow, but i'm concerned about going to the gym since this is a ritual in the mornings.

Feb 4, 2009

Math U See

I received it in the mail yesterday. YIPPIE! I still need to buy the manipulative starter blocks though. I pulled it out and let Alexis take a peek. She's excited about homeschooling, but i do not think she fully understands what it entails.

I only have the baby home today and i'm wondering can i really do this? It's nice just having him and I. My house is going to be upside down 24/7 homeschooling. How on earth am i going to get the laundry done, go to the gym, cook dinner and run errands? I'm sure it will all work itself out, but i'd be telling a lie if i said i wasn't scared to death.

Thus is the reason we will be starting in June. :) So if the bottom falls out from under us, school will be there in August.

Feb 2, 2009

My sign from God

I've been praying about my decision to homeschool. I received my sign when my 6 year old came off the bus sobbing. She is my people pleaser. Somewhat shy and reserved. An older girl took her school bucks out of her backpack. We were able to get them back, but i took it as my sign from God.

So...i went and bought the curriculum to homeschool next year. I bought Adventures in My Father's World Deluxe Package with the Language Arts and Singapore Math. I have already purchased the Math U See Beta, but figured it would be nice to have both.

So the plan...is to start in the summer. This way i can get a feel on it with the kids home. I am sooo nervous about this decision. I am just not sure i can do it all. Heck, i have trouble doing it now, but it's sink or swim. :)

Wish me luck

Feb 1, 2009


I am so on the fence on whether i should homeschool Alexis next year. She is doing well in public school, but my gut is telling me to pull her out. I just don't know what to do. I have so many doubts about myself. I figure it's only one year, but will i be able to handle it all. I currently have Alexis 6, Kaila 3, and Brayden is 1. Plus my 12 year old nephew is here for the next year.

I'm thinking we will give it a try on a year by year trial.