Feb 4, 2009

Math U See

I received it in the mail yesterday. YIPPIE! I still need to buy the manipulative starter blocks though. I pulled it out and let Alexis take a peek. She's excited about homeschooling, but i do not think she fully understands what it entails.

I only have the baby home today and i'm wondering can i really do this? It's nice just having him and I. My house is going to be upside down 24/7 homeschooling. How on earth am i going to get the laundry done, go to the gym, cook dinner and run errands? I'm sure it will all work itself out, but i'd be telling a lie if i said i wasn't scared to death.

Thus is the reason we will be starting in June. :) So if the bottom falls out from under us, school will be there in August.

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