Oct 12, 2011

1 Day Relay Recap

This past Saturday we had the opportunity to run a 50ish mile relay from Bradenton to Venice.

This is our first relay where we opted for costumes. Superheroes we were:

Our costumes took 1st place in the theme awards. How cool is that???

Maui Half Marathon review

Maui is absolutely amazing. We flew in on a Thursday night and left on a red eye Monday. We hit the ground running.

Day 1: We did a snorkeling tour and swam with sea turtles. When you put your head under the water you would have thought you were in a Nemo cartoon. Breathtaking views:

Day 2: We went to a place called Twin Falls. Did a little hiking and jumped off some cliffs. This was my favorite part of the trip.

Day 3: This was the marathon day. My husband ran the 26.2 miles. As you remember i opted out of went with the half. I ran it in 1:51.
The event itself was okay. The locale was perfect, but they ran out of race shirts that were promised and i still have yet to receive the one they promised via mail. {{sigh}} We paid for the luau---total waste of money. Knowing what i know now i would not have paid for any of the race events offered and stuck with the locals. Locals know best!! We met some amazing people.
Day 4 was jammed packed with lots of ziplining.