Adoption Timeline

Wondering what our timeline is and where we are at, or what steps we have to take to bring our sweet girl home?

Below is a list of all the steps we have to take in order to bring "B" home.  Unfortunately for legal reasons we must be vague online.

Fall 2011:  We discuss fostering/adoption.  We start praying.

April 2012:  Through a series of events we know God wants us to adopt internationally.

May 2012:  We start researching agencies.  We feel called to adopt an child (boy) with special needs.

May 2012:  We sign with Agency and start doing hours of parenting/adoption classes.

May 2012:  Started the Homestudy Process

June 2012:  1st & 2nd Home Study visits.

July 2012:  Home Study completed. 

July 2012:  Start looking at Waiting child lists and see a little girl (she's 6) that i couldn't stop thinking about. Start praying to see if this is our child.

July 2012: Send off all of our papers to USCIS and start applying for grants.

July 2012:  Officially on the waiting list: 

# 5 for 0-5 healthy boy

# 3 for 0-5 HIV+ boy
# 4 for 0-5 healthy girl
#3 for 0-5 HIV+ girl

Aug 2012:  Biometrics Appt.

SEP 2012:  Accept referral of a 6 year old girl.

OCT 2012:  Receive affidavit and submit dossier.

NOV/DEC:  Wait for courtdate.

DEC 2012:  Visit Africa and meet our girl.  :)

Unfortunately for legal reasons we can't say where we are in the process now, but this will give you a general idea of our next steps:

The rest of the  process looks like this:

1.  Affidavit/Dossier completed - huge compilation of all paperwork, legal documents, ect.

2.  Affidavit/Dossier sent to Uganda

3.  Lawyer applies for a court date - Once our affidavit/dossier is sent to Uganda the attorney will file for a court date in the Ugandan High Court. Typically it will take 1-3 months for a court date to be assigned.

4.  Court date set and we travel for court

We traveled as a family Feb 2013.  Court was Feb 13, 2013.  We stayed in country for 5 weeks and arrived back in the States with Brenda in March. 

Brenda's adoption was finalized April 2013 in Florida.

July 2013: Start the process of adopting Brenda's bio 12 year old brother.

July 2013: Update (from scratch price wise) Homestudy.

July 2013: Apply for Brenda's US passport.

Aug 2013:  Send off I-600a.

Sep 2013: Biometrics

Oct 2013: Receive I-171H approval.

Nov 2013:  Travel to Uganda for court date

Nov 2013: Judge refused to hear our case and allow Joseph to travel to the U.S.

Dec 2013:  Refile for court in another district.  Received a new court date and positive verbal ruling.

Jan 2014:  Received passport and flew home Jan 17. Total of 10 weeks in country.

Both kiddos are officially U.S. citizens.  


  1. Dear Sheila and Family,
    I've had a few friends adopt both in the U.S. and internationally (Ethiopia). The process that you go through to bring your sweet babies home is daunting, impressive and SOOOO full of love! My thoughts and prayers will be with you throughout this time - not only with you and your husband, but also with all three kiddos, and, of course, your sweet girl soon to join you all. Congratulations.

  2. Dear Sheila,
    I am interested in knowing how "Through a series of events we know God wants us to adopt internationally." I love the subtle ways and the obvious ways the Lord shows us signs sometimes. Message me when you can.

    Love Always,
    Tamra Poulin-Stolz