Sep 30, 2013

Simply Wow!!

Grand total of the online auction is....

Y'all blessed the socks right off of us!! 
We are so thankful for everyone that donated items, services, and talent. And we are incredibly thankful for those that bid on items.

We are continually blessed. As I receive people's receipts I noticed they've paid more than their total. Time and time again we are surrounded by such giving and generous hearts.  THANK YOU!!
Our fundraising is over.  So many have rallied around this adoption with incredible support.  Now we ask that you cover us with unceasing prayer.
God is working to make this adoption happen and he is using people we would not have expected! I cannot tell you how this humbles and encourages me.  We ask that you simply pray with us because prayer changes EVERYTHING!

Sep 20, 2013

Auction Ends 9pm Tomorrow

Yes Folks...i know y'all are sick and tired of hearing about it.  

I am sick and tired of talking about it!

But....we have a little over 24 hours and lots of great stuff.

Local folks--Hillsong Tickets live!  Current bid $40

Lots of Photography donated!

Gorgeous items and Christmas is around the corner!!

Click on the link and check out all of the other items here:

Smith Family Silent Auction Items

Bidding ends Saturday, Sep 21 at 9pm.  

Sep 13, 2013

Silent Online Auction is live!!!!

For ONE week this auction will run!!! From Now until 9pm Sep 21. 

Go here: Smith Family Online Auction

Happy bidding!

In the very first comment, the minimum bid price will be listed. If you wish to bid on an item, simply post a comment with the amount you wish in dollar increments.

Shipping IS included for all US addresses unless stated local item; if you're outside of the US, you will pay for the difference in shipping cost. Thanks for bidding!

The auction will run from now until 9 pm Sat Sep 21.

If you are not on facebook, please send me an email to: with your bid and i will place the bid for you.  

Sep 9, 2013

4 days and a wake up!!!

Until the start of our auction!!!!  

As of today, we have over 90 FABULOUS items donated.  

The online silent auction will take place on Facebook.  

You can check out the items here:  Smith Family Online Silent Auction and on Sept 14 you simply bid on your favorite items under the photos on facebook while you are lounging in your pjs.  No stress!!

The auction will remain open until Sep 21 and bidding will end at 10 pm.

Sep 7, 2013

Happy 6 months home precious girl!

Oh my sweet Brenda...

How i thank God everyday for you.  

Six months ago we could barely communicate.  

Today, I treasure your stories...the glimpses into your life before God gave you to us.

Happy 6 months home precious girl.  I love you!

Sep 2, 2013

Adoption update

Things are happening around here!!

We received our biometrics fingerprint appointment this past week for September 19.  We have heard they may accept us as a walk in so we are going to drive to Tampa to see if they will fit us in early.

We also heard that there may be a slight chance that we may be traveling earlier than we had originally anticipated.

As a result of this news, we are going to start our online silent auction September 14th through September 21st.  This is a whole week earlier than we had planned.

If we do travel in Oct, we wanted to have the auction completely finished. 

This will be our ONE and ONLY fundraiser.  It's just not for us.  We have decided to simply pray and tell God our needs and will rely on him for His help.

Please pray for:

1.  God's perfect timing.

2.  For our hearts and Brenda's brothers heart.  This is huge for him and for us!!  Will we instantly love a 10 year old?  Will he love us back?  Realistically, probably not.  He is leaving everything he has ever known. 

Logically, it doesn't make sense, but our ways are not God's ways and our thoughts are not God's.  We can simply pray for God to knit our hearts together.

3.  Logistics.  God knows what we need and when we need it.  I'm a lightning bolt kind of gal.  I want to pray God in doing what I want him to do and how I want him to do it.  And NOW.  It never really works out well for me.

4.  Our silent auction and all that is involved. 

Our prayer all along has been for God to open the doors that need opened and to close the doors that need closed. 

I believe in prayer with every fiber of my being.  So please come alongside our family and simply pray with us and for us. 

I appreciate all of the donations that have come in for the silent auction.  From the bottom of my heart--THANK YOU!!

Check them out at:  Smith Family Silent Auction