May 28, 2012

Let the classes begin!

We started the first round of classes tonight. How to Heal the Attachment-Challenged, Angry & Defiant Child. It opened my eyes to how we don't respond to stress we react to stress. How the body reacts to stress and its impact on the attachment challenged child.

I must admit that the initial paperwork is a tad bit overwhelming. Anyone can have a baby here--no questions asked. You do not need to sign up for a parenting class on how to parent. However, if you want to adopt you must attend parenting class. You must pay thousands of dollars to provide a loving home to an unwanted child. You must have your home inspected and your must go through a home study to ensure you can actually parent that child. Ironically, none of this happens if you have a baby naturally.

So at the moment, we are knee high in paperwork!

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