Sep 7, 2012

Thank you Jesus!!

I didn't expect to hear anything until next week.  I was literally praying over this situation and the phone rang.

I can hardly write this post as i'm simply amazed at our God and how He has consistently shown up in this adoption. 

I can officially say that we have a little girl waiting to come home and i can hardly wait to meet her. 


  1. Praise the Lord!!! I just told Rob, 10 mins ago to pray!!! Congrats !!!!

  2. So happy for you all...and a little jealous. It seems like God just will not open that door for our family. I just have to content where I am and remember that his calling for every family is different...but always filled with joy!
    Yay for you all! And praise to Jesus who puts the widows and orphans in families!!
    Jennifer Ammerman

  3. HIP HIP HURRAY! I'm gonna pray you have her with you by Christmas ;)

  4. Hooooooray! That's awesome news! Congrats;)

  5. This is wonderful news!! GOD IS GREAT!