Sep 20, 2012

I miss running...

Many moons ago, i started this blog as an accountability fitness blog (now deleted). After all, who wants your weight plastered on the internet.  Lately my life has been consumed with adoption and homeschooling. 

Life happened.

Somewhere along the way, i put running on the back burner.  Last year, I was running a race almost every month.  The last time i ran was in 2011.

I miss those days. 

I miss putting my headphones in my ear and hitting the pavement.  I miss those moments of pushing my body to its limit and everything going on in my life, that is terrible or stressful is just gone, even if it's for a short duration.

For that short time my mind is at ease and I am just a runner trying to hit X miles in less time than the last.  There is nothing that comes in between me and the clock.

It is me, the open road, Jesus, and my music. It is when I do some of my best praying, brainstorming and planning.

When i run, i'm a better mother.  I am a better wife.  I am just better...

And let me tell you, i've been in a funk! lazy butt is running 8 miles Saturday with a friend.  I. AM. GOING. TO. DIE!! 


Stupid?? YES!

But, i've never been one to be conventional. 

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