May 26, 2011

7 mile long run

My girlfriend and i meet once a week to run a longer run. I drop my little man off at the sisters and we meet at 9ish. Did i mention i live in Florida and it's close to 80 degrees at 9am? CRAZY, right? I'm not sure if i hate the heat or the humidity worse. We cranked out 7 miles this morning.

I'm so over the heat and it's only May! I definitely need to carry water. I purchased the Camelbak Fairfax 50oz hydration pack for the Keys100.

It served it's purpose. However i am narrow through the shoulders and i find that it rubs me wrong. I love the extra storage pouch for my keys, etc. I share this with my husband--i know, i know--Call me Gross, but after all we do have babies together. :)

I'm going to invest in a camelbak specifically made for women. I like this one:

The drawback--no extra pouch and goodness gracious a gal needs those pouches! I'll keep you posted...

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