Jun 11, 2012

Why Africa???

I could always give you the good christian girl answer, but i prefer to be real.
I could always tell you it's because God adopted me or God is the Father of the Fatherless, or we are called to help the least of the these. These are all true, but i could fulfill my God given call with a child from here.
My honest answer is because God has stirred my heart like no other for Africa. It all started last year when i saw the media coverage of the suffering in the Horn of Africa. Micah and I started fundraising and ran a race with World Vision.
Then i went to a Patch our Planet seminar. God didn't call me to parachute ministry. He called me to be obedient to His will. His will is for us to adopt a child from Africa. After lots and lots of prayer, my husband felt we were meant to adopt from Africa. Of course, I jumped on that train thinking I would get to snuggle with a cute little baby.
We went into a season of prayer, but God kept telling us not any child, but a child with special needs. I looked at my husband like he had 2 heads and said NO. No way. I have 3 kids that are healthy and happy and just No Way. I didn’t even pray about it. I had simply told God nope. Well God basically told me to put my money where my mouth is.

You see the grace of God has no limitation and the blood of Christ is powerful. As I read the bible scriptures started jumping out at me and God started to whisper in my ear, this is what I have called your family to do. I know it’s going to be hard. I know it’s going to make you look like you have lost your mind. I know you don’t have $25000 laying around here. But Sheila, I’m bigger than your circumstances. Allow me to break your heart for what breaks mine. Remember where you came from.
Psalms 103:6 says The Lord works righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed. I was telling Jesus I wanted to be his disciple but yet I was attaching a list of conditions.
So back to why we are adopting. Simply Because of God’s grace. I have a responsibility to be obedient to God’s calling. The grace of God has no limitation.

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