Jun 21, 2012

2nd Home Study Visit

Our social worker arrived to 3 kiddos greeting her at the door. Mama was a nervous wreck. I love my babies, but they have the potential to make or break this appt. :) My Kaila bug is witty and i never know what to expect.

Fortunately, it was a success. We started with small talk. We handed in the majority of our paperwork. She is a notary, so she was able to notarize our financial statement form. We are waiting on our medical forms to be picked up, our local background checks & we get fingerprinted on Saturday.

She told us tonight that we passed and she is going to write us a favorable recommendation. Praise God. My heartfelt prayer is to glorify Jesus through this process. I only want to be in the center of His will. If it's not His will, then simply close the door.

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