May 21, 2008

Dave Ramsey

I just stumbled across Dave Ramsey and I'm in love. DH and I do not have credit card debt. We do however have 24,000 left on his truck. Now Dave would say "Sell the truck". DH would probably divorce me over this...okay, I'm exaggerating, but selling the truck is NOT an option! We have put ourselves on a budget and I'm actually surprised at the amount of money that we have left over every month.

Buying items with cash is alot harder than paying with Visa. Now we always paid our balance each month, but it was so much easier to whip out that card. Now i bring a set amount of money into the store with coupons in tow. I have a list and stick with the list.

I was able to put away $1000 extra into Savings (to pay off the truck) and it looks like I'll have $300 left in our envelopes. I'm just amazed. I look forward to 8pm each night to watch Dave on Fox Business.

I even got into shopping at Walgreens/CVS! I never realized there were deals...thus is the reason i started blogging. It's an accountability for me.

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