Aug 15, 2012


God is not limited by our limitations.  Some days i forget that God is God.  He spoke EVERYTHING into existence.  I get so caught up in my busy day that i don't pause to think God doesn't need me.  I desperately need Him.

Insecurities.  Short comings.  Doubt.  Yep...i have them all.  But they are not the Truth in my life.  Why do we have to fall into the comparison trap?  It starts out as admiring someone and then BAM.  Satan starts whispering those lies into your ears. 

Then you fall into that heartbreaking place of insecurity thinking how you should have it all together.  After all, SHE does.  She home schools, cooks, cleans, runs 5 miles, looking all glamorous and oh those kids are so well behaved while you are still in your gym clothes in what feels like World War 3 because your youngest child has the oldest DS game.  {{gasp}} Yes, they are playing video games!

Then I hear God's still small voice whispering i am exactly where i need to be.  Do i have that huge zap of self confidence?  Nope, but i do realize the deeper need for dependence on Him.  That deeper dependence eventually leads to transformation.  Transformation leads to believing God's promises and relying on the power of them.

So on those days when i wonder what on earth God was thinking calling our family to adopt i must shift my focus back onto Him knowing He is the one that will fight against my enemies of inadequacy and insecurity.  He doesn't call the enabled.  He enables the called. 

As for me, i still need to take my shower and get out of my gym clothes--church tonight.  :)

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  1. I have felt those same thoughts. It's good to know others do too. I mean-- I know they do, yet I forget! Thank you for your thoughtful honesty in posting this. :)