Jun 9, 2011

9 mile run

It's so stinkin hot here. I'm doing the majority of my training runs in the evening, but i can't start before 7pm or it's just too hot. 8pm would be ideal, but i'd be running into darkness. It is what it is.

The kids are home from school. I'm loving it. I love my babies. We need to get into a routine and start some school over the summer. I really think i could homeschool, but i have self doubt.

We are headed to the beach tomorrow. My little man is at grandma's so it's just the girls and I. How i love the beach!

9 mile run stats:
Duration 1:32:14 | Calories Burned 872
Average Pace 10:15 / mi | Average Speed 5.85 mph | Elevation Climb 230 ft

Whoopee!! HeHe

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